Alphident Technologies Inc. (Alphident) is an 8(a), HUBZone, EDWOSB, M-DOT certified small business headquartered in Maryland. Alphident has extensive experience and a proven track record with Software Application Design and Development, Application modernization with open source software, Agile / SCRUM software methodology, Big Data Analytics, Business Process Analysis and Reengineering, Modernization of legacy systems, Independent Verification and Validation, Quality Assurance, IT Project Management, Section 508 compliance and other areas.

Our team is comprised of people with the skills in the appropriate technologies and architectures to provide creative, innovative, flexible solutions that are ruggedly dependable and exceed expectations.

Agile Software Development and Transformation

In the world of software development, one of the main goals of adopting and transforming to Agile is to produce working, quality software in short, fast increments also known as continuous delivery. This often requires that teams are able to accept and implement fast, changing requirements. Today's fast moving business landscape, finalizing requirements and then go to design and development is not at all viable. The success of an organization depends on how quickly it can adopt changes and make their IT system capable of delivering the needs of business. Alphidnet bring our wealth of knowledge in transforming organizations from traditional water fall to make them fully agile.

Modern Development Environment practice

A large number of systems in place today have been evolved over years with a majority of them still developed and maintained using legacy technologies. We at Aalphident are experienced implementing solutions using the open source and/or leading industry technologies that can be integrated into existing systems and are aligned to meet future business needs/transformations.

Big Data Analytics

Data are a new economic asset of the 21st century that touches all aspects of the society. Alphident's Data Analytics Practice focuses with a special emphasis in the application of data analytics to business problems. We have the expertise in practical data analytics skills including understanding patterns in data, applying analytical frameworks, constructing predictive models, analyzing social networks and discovering hidden relationships in data. Alphident's data analytics expertise guide you how to present data using modern visualization techniques, using the state of the art data analytics software.

Legacy system Modernization and Re-engineering

Whether it is a custom-coded application with long-lost source code or a mainframe-based program with a proprietary interface, many organizations have an important legacy application running in its data center. This legacy application might perform an important or irreplaceable function. It might even be mission-critical but you need to consider how you introduce new technologies that are more efficient and effective.

Legacy modernization projects focus on the re-engineering and moving of applications from one technology platform to another. In many cases it requires re-engineering the architecture so that it is robust enough to handle the current as well as future business models. Some of the activities and methods used are:

  • Iterative development processes for deliverables
  • Scaffolding techniques to fuse new and old technologies and architectures
  • Re-engineering of the business process
  • Architecting applications using a Service Oriented Architecture to allow for future expansion and centralization of methods and services
  • Infrastructure and system performance tuning

Application Design, Development, Support and Maintenance

We provide a wide range of application development services. The application development area has evolved over the years with tools and technologies supporting rapid application development. We at Alphident, with our thorough understanding of the technologies, agile development practices and design experience, can quickly conceptualize prototypes to evaluate custom development, cots integration or a hybrid approach incorporating the industry best practices to provide highly scalable and cost effective solutions.

Independent Verification and Validation

Independent verification and validation (IV&V) involves V&V done by a third party organization not involved in the development of the product. Alphident's IV&V experts perform reviews of the source code, examine the associated product documentation and analyze associated algorithms for static verification. It also consists of dynamic verification by different testing methods such as integration testing to ensure that all software units (modules) are meshed as one, tested and properly work together. Functional testing is done to ensure that functionality meets user requirements. In addition, system testing is carried out over the entire software and hardware system to make sure that it is working as per the user requirements and acceptance.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance has become a key part of the Enterprise and is being integrated into the business processes at various stages. Our expertise in various automation testing technologies and providing tdd (test driven development) and bdd(behavior driven development) support helped organizations achieve higher levels of assurance in terms of implementing solutions. We have been providing validation support for applications spanning wide range of technologies

Section 508 and best practices for Accessibility

Section 508 is an important amendment to The Rehabilitation Act that protects the right of people with disabilities to have equal access to electronic and information technology. Alphident has developed a comprehensive solution to help organizations follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and achieve and maintain compliance with the required regulations and standards like Section 508. This includes integrating web accessibility evaluation services with assistive technology to deliver a transformative experience for people with disabilities. We have mastered making the website fully compliant with accessibility requirement irrespective it is a single page application (SPA) or traditional JSP based application. Alphident's accessibility expertise bring the following combination of browse and screen readers.

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